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Who is Miles "Deuce" McBride?

Miles McBride
Credit: Chuck Cook / USA TODAY Sports

Thursday, July 29th, the New York Knicks acquired the 34th & 36th pick in the 2021 NBA Draft from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for the 32nd pick (Jeremiah Robinson-Earl). With the 36th pick the Knicks selected Miles "Deuce" McBride from the University of West Virginia. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Miles attended High School at Moeller.

Yes, there were many questions as to why New York traded back as many times as they did due to the talent that was sitting on the board, but if you have tuned into the 2021 Summer League, you would agree that McBride was an absolute steal.

So far in 5 games, "Deuce" has averaged 14.4 points, 4.0 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 1.4 steals, with 1 turnover. His shooting percentages are even more exciting, 50% from the field, 46% from three, and 88% from the line, including a 6-6 outing from three against the Lakers. Yes, this is only a small sample size but I haven't even mentioned possibly his best attribute, defense. He suffocates ball handlers and shooters every possession like it's the last shot of the game, something Thibs will absolutely love. His ability to get anywhere he needs to on defense to cover is already better than majority of guards in the league.

With Frank and Elfrid leaving the Big Apple and the possibility of Vildoza not making the roster, Deuce would probably see minutes in the regular season behind newly acquired Kemba and backup D-Rose. As much as I hate to say it, Miles might see some court time in Westchester but I am sure it would be a short stay.

In due time, Miles will keep working hard because that is just what he does and his game will improve which will ultimately turn into minutes in the NBA. Yes, us Knick fans SHOULD have high hopes for this young talent.

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