15 Weirdest (and kind of Coolest) NBA Player Names

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Credit: Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Through an NBA Player's career, fans give them nicknames usually based on their playstyle, attitude, or a specific highlight they had.

A lot of these nicknames are AMAZING: Agent Zero (Gilbert Arenas), The Black Mamba (Kobe Bryant), The Round Mond of Rebound (Charles Barkley). On the other hand, some nicknames are horrible: Bad Porn (Cory Maggette), Boobie (Daniel Gibson), Mr. Mean (Larry Smith).

However, we are not going to be covering the names that fans have given NBA players. Instead, we'll look at the names that NBA players' parents gave them (aka, their literal names). Specifically, we'll be looking at some of the Weirdest NBA Player Names!

Now, I also included "Coolest" because although I do think that some of these names are just straight-up weird, I also find some to be 'weirdly cool.' For example, Giannis' name.

Unlike my previous blog posts, this write-up is going to be much more opinionated. If you think there are players with weird names, comment them down below! Also, I'll attach a list of the Weirdest NBA Player Names if there are some that pique your interest more than others!


Table of Contents:

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo/Georgios Papagiannis

  2. Martynas Andriuškevičius

  3. Manny Harris

  4. Fat Lever

  5. God Shammgod

  6. Longar Longar

  7. Metta World Peace

  8. Diamond Stone/Chubby Cox

  9. D.J. Strawberry

  10. Michael Jackson/Michael Phelps

  11. Charles Jones

  12. Wah Wah Jones


Giannis Antetokounmpo/Georgios Papagiannis


Like I said earlier, I find Giannis' name to be weirdly cool because of the length of his name. It's such a long and difficult name to pronounce that fans eventually nicknamed Giannis, The Alphabet. Appropriate nickname since almost 50% of the letters in the alphabet is in Giannis' name.

It would be funny if his first name was a really normal name like "Chris," and his last name was still Antetokounmpo. If you haven't noticed, players with more 'unique' first names are called by their first name, while players with 'generic' first names are usually called by their full or last names.

For Example:

  • Unique: Lebron, Kawhi, Luka, Kyrie, Zion, etc.

  • Generic: Chris Paul, Paul George, Anthony Davis, Curry, etc.

So if Giannis' first name was just some generic name, like Chris, then sportscasters would constantly have to mention Giannis by his last name (Antetokounmpo) or his hypothetical full name (Chris Antetokounmpo) instead of just calling him Giannis.

I also included Georgios Papagiannis here because I thought it was weird and funny how his last name is 'Papagiannis.' It makes it sound like he's Giannis' dad and that's only further affirmed when you find out they're both from Greece. However, the illusion is busted when you discover that Giannis is actually three years older than Papagiannis.

Also, Georgios is a cool-sounding name. It sounds like 'Giorno.'

Giannis Antetokounmpo: (2014-Present)

20.9 Points, 9.1 Rebounds, 4.5 Assists, 1.2 Steals, and 1.3 Blocks

53.2 FG%, 28.7 3P%, 71.7 FT%

32.5 Minutes

Georgios Papagiannis: (2016-2018)

4.1 Points, 3.2 Rebounds, 0.7 Assists, 0.2 Steals, and 0.6 Blocks

51 FG%, 85.7 FT%

12.2 Minutes

Martynas Andriuškevičius

I just said that Giannis' name was long, but this guy's name is even longer. Martynas Andriuskevicius is the NBA player with the longest name. Not a record a player actively tries to beat, but still a record, I guess.

Martynas' name has 23 letters! 58% of the letters in the alphabet are in Martynas' name. As for Martynas himself, there isn't too much to say about him. The Orlando Magic chose him in the 2005 NBA Draft as the 44th pick. He was a 7'2" Center from Lithuania.

In his rookie season, he only played six games. Altogether, in those six games, Martynas had four rebounds and a steal. The most amount of playing time he got was 2:59 minutes... After his rookie season, he was never heard from again (at least, in terms of the NBA).

Martynas Andriuškevičius: (2006)

0 Points, 0.7 Rebounds, 0 Assists, 0.3 Steals, 0 Blocks

0 FG%, 0 3P%, 0 FT%

1 Minute

Manny Harris

Now, you're probably tilting your head. Manny Harris? That's the most normal-sounding name ever! I agree!

However, that's not his real name. Manny Harris' real name is Corperryale Ladorable Harris. If Harris had entered the NBA with his real name, he would have beaten Martynas for the longest name in NBA history.

Apparently, Manny Harris' real name is a combination of an aunt's and uncle's name. I'm assuming that the aunt's and uncle's names were Corperryale and Ladorable, which in their own right are pretty interesting names.

I couldn't even guess whether the aunt is Corperryale or Ladorable since the names are so unique. It's not like the name 'Emily' where it's obviously a girl's name (unless you're a guy named Emily, whoops).

I also love the two names because it feels like it's made up of other words.

Corperryale: Copper + Perry + Yale + Corporal

Ladorable: Lad + Adorable

Manny Harris: (2011-2014, 2017)

6.2 Points, 2.7 Rebounds, 1.4 Assists, 0.5 Steals, and 0.2 Blocks

38.0 FG%, 35.3 3P%, 73.8 FT%

17.1 Minutes

Fat Lever

The previous four names were weirdly cool, but this is actually a weird NBA player name.

This one's a bit weird because Fat Lever's first name isn't actually Fat. It's Lafayette which is a cool-sounding name. However, because Fat's younger brother, Elmer Jr., couldn't pronounce Lafayette, Elmer nicknamed Lafayette, Fat.

I mean, I guess the name Fat is fine if it's within your family, but why make it your professional NBA name? I know that NBA jerseys have player's last names, but imagine wearing a jersey that says 'Fat.'

Another aspect of Fat's name that goes unnoticed is his last name Lever. I always get this image in my head of a literal fat lever whenever I think of the player, even though the Lever in Fat Lever is pronounced lee-ver.

Fat Lever: (1982-94)

13.9 Points, 6.0 Rebounds, 6.2 Assists, 2.2 Steals, and 0.3 Blocks

44.7 FG%, 31.0 3P%, 77.1 FT%

32 Minutes

God Shammgod

This is straight-up, just a cool name. It's not even that weird. His last name already has the word 'god' 'in it, but I guess his parents had to double down and made his first name 'God' as well.

Although God Shammgod only played twenty games in his NBA career, his impact on the game is tremendous. It actually has to do with his last name, Shammgod. Named after God Shammgod (obviously), the one-hand dribble move, the 'Shammgod,' was created and perfected by God Shammgod.

Shammgod is considered one of the best ball handlers in NBA history, even with just a twenty-game career! He's now a developmental coach for the Dallas Mavericks and specializes in ball-handling!

Although it may sound weird to hire someone for a specific specialty that isn't the most important relative to other skills (ex: shooting, passing, rebounding, etc.), Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said that he wanted a ball-handling coach to lessen turnovers. To his credit, that's not a bad reason.

God Shammgod: (1997)

3.1 Points, 0.4 Rebounds, 1.8 Assists, 0.4 Steals, and 0.1 Blocks

32.8 FG%, 76.7 FT%

7.3 Minutes

Longar Longar

Longar Longar is on this list because I think he's the only NBA player with the same first and last name. He's not technically an NBA player since he has only played in the G-League, but since it's a part of the NBA, why not include him.

I can't really find much on Longar Longar. I found out that he was from South Sudan, so I checked whether Longar had any cultural significance and what the translation was to English. Longar in Arabic translates to 'long.' At least that is what Google Translations says. If that's true, it's an appropriate name since Longar had a 7'5" wingspan!

Longar might also have the same first and last name due to Sudanese tradition. I couldn't really understand it, so I'll put what the source says about naming traditions.

  • "Remember, this naming convention does not involve the use of a surname. All the names are first names."

  • "When Sudanese people migrate to the English-speaking West, their names may not be correctly transferred onto official documents. Members of the same family can have different last names."

  • Source

Longar Longar: (2008-2011)

6.5 Points, 5.5 Rebounds, 0.8 Assists, 0.3 Steals, and 1.2 Blocks

45.6 FG%, 57.5 FT%