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Top 10 Most Rebounds in a Game (Since 1983-84)

Andre Drummond Rebounding
Credit: Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The most rebounds in a game by an NBA player is 55 by Wilt Chamberlain on November 24th, 1960, against the Boston Celtics. This is no surprise. Throughout his career, Chamberlain averaged 22.9 rebounds. In the 1960-61 NBA season, Chamberlain averaged 27.2 rebounds a game.

IN ADDITION, Wilt Chamberlain has had 38+ rebounds in a game 29 TIMES and Bill Russell 23 TIMES! There are no players from the 1983-84 NBA Season and onwards with 38+ rebounds in a game. The only other players to have more than 38+ rebounds in a game were: