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Championship and Dip: Mobile Revelers

Mobile Revelers

Credit: WorthPoint

The Mobile Revelers were one of the eight teams a part of the National Basketball Development League's (NBDL) first season (2001-02). Unfortunately, the Revelers would only stay in the NBDL for two seasons (2001-2003). However, within those two seasons, the Revelers exceeded expectations and left the NBDL while still on top.

The Mobile Revelers were based in Mobile, Alabama (hence the name). During the start of the NBDL (now known as the G-League), all of the teams were based in small cities in Southeastern states. In 2001, the population of Mobile was only 196,000.

The Mobile Revelers were owned by MVP Sports Entertainment. I've tried to find more info about MVP Sports Entertainment, but most likely, the company no longer exists. On Google, there is an 'MVP Sports Entertainment,' but it's an athlete and actor agency that started in 2018.

The team's name is based on Mardi Gras culture and history. Although Mardi Gras parades are usually associated with New Orleans, the tradition actually started in Mobile. Also, 'revelers' is a term for individuals who participate in Mardi Gras!

During the two seasons that the Mobile Revelers were in the NBDL, they were coached by Sam Vincent. If you're a long-time NBA fan, then you may have heard of Vincent. Vincent played in the NBA from 1985-1992 for the Boston Celtics, Seattle Supersonics, Chicago Bulls, and Orlando Magic. In 1986, Vincent would win a Championship with the Larry Bird-led Boston Celtics!

After his seven seasons in the NBA, the first American team that Vincent would coach were the Mobile Revelers! After his two seasons with the Revelers, Vincent would also coach the:

  • Fort Worth Flyers (2005-06)

  • Dallas Mavericks - Assistant Coach (2006-07)

  • Charlotte Bobcats (2007-08)

Now that you know a bit about the Mobile Revelers let's look at their two-season stint in the NBDL!


Table of Contents:

2001-02: First Season

2002-03: How?


2001-02: First Season

Considering that there were eight teams in the NBDL in the 2001-02 season, the Mobile Revelers were an extremely average team. They went 30-26 (53.6 W/L%) and finished fourth in the league. Their offensive rating was ranked fourth at 99.5, and their defensive rating was ranked third at 97.7.

Although the Revelers were overwhelmingly average in terms of their regular-season record, offensive, and defensive rating, their PPG, OPPG, and Pace would say otherwise. The team had the second-worst PPG (76.3) but the best OPPG (74.9). The team's Pace was also the worst at 90.8.

Out of the 22 players that played for the Mobile Revelers, only TWO of them played every regular-season game; Eugene Edgerson and Jason McCutcheon. FIVE players played from than 50 games:

  • Isaac Fontaine: 52 Games

  • Rashad Phillips and Jamario Moon: 53 Games

  • Derek Hood: 54 Games