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First Co-Rookies of the Year: Mel Hutchins and Bill Tosheff

Mel Hutchins

Crediti: BYU Basketball

Since 1952, there have been three Co-Rookies of the Year:

  • 1970-71: Dave Cowens and Geoff Petrie

  • 1994-95: Grant Hill and Jason Kidd

  • 1999-00: Elton Brand and Steve Francis

However, before 1952, there was another Co-Rookie of the Year, but it is "unofficially recognized" by the NBA. In the 1951-52 NBA season, Mel Hutchins and Bill Tosheff became the first Co-Rookies of the Year.

Since they are "unofficially recognized" by the NBA, I thought it would be nice to officially recognize Mel Hutchins and Bill Tosheff by highlighting their rookie seasons and NBA careers.

After all, if you were awarded the Rookie of the Year, you're bound to have an amazing NBA career... right? (cough* cough* Michael-Carter Williams)


Table of Contents:

Mel Hutchins:

Bill Tosheff:


Mel Hutchins: College Career (Brigham Young University)

Mel Hutchins started his College Career with Brigham Young University (BYU) in the 1947-48 NCAA Season as a 6'6" Power Forward/Center. Nowadays, the average Small Forward is 6'6," but back then, players were tiny.