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Highlighting the 2021 TBL Champions - Enid Outlaws

Enid Outlaw's Lindy Waters III
Credit: Billy Hefton / Enid News & Eagle

The Enid Outlaws are a TBL (The Basketball League) team owned by Jonathan Reed and are based in Enid, Oklahoma. The Outlaws play in the Central Division alongside teams like the Houston Push, Shreveport Mavericks, Omahas Finest, and much more. Having only joined the TBL in 2020, the team impressively won the TBL Championship in their first season!


Best Wins and Worst Losses

In the regular season, the Enid Outlaws went 22-2 (91.7 W/L%). No other team had a better record besides the Houston Push, who also went 22-2. The only two losses that the Outlaws had were against the Houston Push and the Dallas Skyline. The first loss was against the Push on May 9th, 2021. Although the Outlaws lost, the score was close, losing 96-98.

Their second loss was the game right after their first loss. On May 15th, 2021, the Enid Outlaws lost 111-114 against the Dallas Skyline. Another close game. The reason for this particular loss was probably due to their inefficient shooting. Whereas the Skyline shot 51.2% from the field, the Outlaws shot 45.8%. Charlie Marquardt, Kyle Steward, and Tavares Sledge of the Outlaws shot less than 33.3% from the field:

  • C. Marquardt: 4/12 FG

  • K. Steward: 2/7 FG

  • T. Sledge: 3/9 FG

Despite the terrible loss, the Enid Outlaws beat almost all of their opponents easily. In 15/22 of their wins, the Outlaws beat the other team by more than 20 POINTS!

The Enid Outlaws' best win was on May 2nd, 2021, against the Waco Royals. The Outlaws beat the Royals, 161-80. An 81 POINT win! It's not surprising that the Outlaws won by this much, considering the Royals went 5-19 (20.8 W/L%). Five players on the Outlaws scored more than 20 points, whereas not a single player on the Royals scored more than 20 points:

  • L. Waters III: 31 Points

  • C. Marquardt: 24 Points

  • K. Steward and W. Runnels: 23 Points

  • C. Comanche: 22 Points

The Enid Outlaws ended up shooting 61.1% from the field! The only person that shot less than 50% on the team was Tavares Sledge, scoring eight points while shooting 37.5% from the field.

Even though 37.5FG% is not good, the Royals only shot 31.4% from the field. George Brock went 6/13 (26.1%) from the field, while Ryan Harris went 1/8 (12.5%).

The following game, the Enid Outlaws, had another blowout, beating the Midtown Prestige by 50 POINTS, 156-106. Again, it makes sense that the Prestige lost by this much, considering that they were the second-worst team in the TBL. They were 4-20 (16.7 W/L%) in the regular season.

61.1% from the field is already amazing. However, in this game against the Prestige, the Outlaws shot 70.2% from the field on 84 shots. The player with the lowest field-goal percentage on the Outlaws was Kyle Steward with 42.9%, but even then, that's still not that bad. Interestingly, the Prestige were not even playing that bad either. They shot 57.1% from the field, but their pace was just a lot slower.

The Enid Outlaws' Best Player: Chance Comanche

Without a doubt, the Enid Outlaw's best player in the 2020-21 TBL season was Chance Comanche. Comanche is a Power Forward/Center that entered the 2017 NBA Draft but was unfortunately not selected. As a result, Comanche ended up playing for the Memphis Hustle and the Canton Charge, the Memphis Grizzlies, and Cleveland Cavaliers' G-League affiliates.

With both teams, Comanche averaged:

7.5 Points, 5.0 Rebounds, 0.6 Assists,