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Austin McBroom's Basketball Career - Surprinsgly Good?

Austin McBroom
Credit: Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for LivexLive

Austin McBroom is a highly controversial figure. To his 'Ace Family' fans, McBroom is a wholesome YouTube family vlogger. On the other hand, others view McBroom as a disgraced social media influencer who constantly ends up in controversy. Allegedly, McBroom has not paid the participants of the 'YouTube vs. TikTok' boxing event due to the bankruptcy of his production company, Social Gloves.

However, this is just a controversy. Instead of looking at the petty drama that McBroom was involved in, I'm much more interested in Austin McBroom's basketball ability. After all, we arent' TMZ.

In 2019, McBroom hosted a charity basketball game amongst social media influencers and NBA players like Jordan Clarkson and Nick Young! Unfortunately, I don't have any in-depth stats for that game, but McBroom had 30 points, nine assists, and made eight three-pointers!

Obviously, this game was for fun, but it made me weirdly intrigued. In the video that I watched, he seemed like a pretty good catch-and-shooter and was a decent passer. I searched up 'Austin McBroom Basketball' in Google, expecting to see more about the charity game, so I was shocked when I found out that McBroom played D1 NCAA Basketball.

Not only did he play D1 Basketball, but he was actually good (for one season). I was so surprised that I'm right now, dedicating an entire article to Austin McBroom's basketball career. I guess the first time Champions in 50 years Milwaukee Bucks will have to wait.

Now, Austin McBroom doesn't have a Wikipedia page, so finding information on Austin McBroom's high-school basketball career is going to be difficult. If you're just as interested, which I doubt, comment down below if you have any other info about Austin McBroom's basketball career.

Campbell High School

Austin McBroom was a 5'9" - 6'0" point guard for Campbell High School's varsity basketball team. This really surprised me, but McBroom was teammates with 1x All-Star, 3x All-Defensive, and 2021 NBA Champion Jrue Holiday.

I genuinely had a spit-take when I read that McBroom and Holiday were teammates. However, they would only be teammates for one season (2007-08). While McBroom was a freshman, Holiday was already a senior, two years shy from joining the NBA.

Since they both played the same position, I assume that McBroom was Holiday's backup point guard. Unless the coach decided to start McBroom for 1-2 minutes, sit him out, then sub in Holiday. Technically, that makes McBroom the starting point guard.

Tangent aside, during his freshman season, McBroom averaged:

7.5 Points, 2.1 Rebounds, 4.0 Assists, and 1.9 Steals

44 FG%, 80 FT%, 35 3P%

36 Games Played

This is a pretty decent stat-line for a 5'9" point guard who probably didn't receive that many minutes. By the end of the season, Campbell High School (aka, the Vikings), led by none other than Jrue Holiday, won the California Division 4 state title.